I got this from my friend’s and I think it’s worth sharing.


How are you?
How have you been?

I promised myself that i wouldn’t send you one more message but i am now.I believe that things happen in life for a reason, like meeting you was for a reason and things happening how they did was also for a reason.I was a man who found a meaning to life being carried in another human’s eyes.

Sometimes i sit and reminisce about what could have been, i allow myself to think about the times we were happy together, your little laughter, the purposefulness in your eyes, and the poise and grace by which you carry yourself that combines to make you irresistibly attractive and beautiful.

All this could be summed up in a romance that lasted for a little under six months.We were in love, or so i thought. I was glowing the world could see, and i started thinking purposefully. It…

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