Silence, my most cherished companion,
The sound of whose is quietness,
Lulls my soul to that sea of serenity,
The habitation of unbridled creativity.

Silence, my most cherished company,
How more garrulous can you be?
You relentlessly speak tranquility to my spirit,
But I must miss you.

My kins have need of my attention,
And piercing your sweet heart is the way of my kind,

Momma said to lead I must study,
But momma never stopped talking.
And her words are doses of wisdom.

Wisdom my compass will be,
But knowledge I must get.
To lead I must study,
And dead silence I’ll need.

In the heart of dead silence
I seared into mine instructions
In a coitus of minds.
For lead I must.

In the heart of dead silence I’ll live.
But I must not break it.
It must not be broken.
My dead silence must not die.

But I must lead!
I must lead my kin
And my silence must die.
At its wake, my beloved speech is birthed.

When I speak, my kin love me
My name ceases to be a bore
And I lead.

Silence, my beloved,
So good you are for me
But I must not cease seeing the dearth of you.