I want to learn how you feel;
Please teach me.
A penny for your thought;
Please indulge me.

When it hurts the most,
I long for you,
To take solace in your bosom;
Please embrace me.

But you said, ‘let me be!’
‘How can I?’ My wonderment.
Now, I wish I could.
I wish I had.

But they are just what they are;
They are not horses,
And that hurts.

I wish they were mere candies,
That I could buy mine right on my lane.
And then gladly present them all to you.

I’d buy a happy everafter with a queen,
A promising future with an angel,
A great tomorrow spent with you,
If I could.

When all I have is a Naira,
I’ll spend it all on you.
And I’ll know no pang in my eternal bliss.

A Naira or a million, regardless,
You’ve got me.
All discretion are bubbles in my reverie,
And to the wind I throw them.

For the pleasure of having you by my side tomorrow,
I’ll risk it all.